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Treatment for: Veins (Face and Body)

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a procedure that involves injecting a concentrated compound (sclerosant) into a varicose vein which causes the vein to close up or collapse and become scar tissue. This causes blood to flow only to the non-varicose veins. Varicose veins are visible superficial veins that are formed because the valves that push blood through the varicose veins stop working properly, causing the blood to pool in the veins. The veins then expand and the blood in them begins flowing in reverse causing the vein to stretch and appear more visible on the surface.


What to expect during treatment

Treatment of varicose veins and spider veins is a process that often takes more than one treatment. Varicose veins can’t be cured but they can be treated with considerable cosmetic success. The initial treatment performed by Dr. Decker in the office takes about one hour. During this procedure, Dr. Decker will treat most of the problem veins focusing on the larger ones first. After the injection of sclerosant is given, pressure is applied over the veins to prevent blood return when you stand up. Compression stockings are used after the treatment to allow for further compression of the vessels. The stockings are worn continuously for72 hrs post treatment and then during the day for the next 3-6 week. A person may need repeated sessions and many injections per session depending on the extent of the varicose veins.


What to expect after treatment

There is generally a short recovery period following the sclerotherapy treatment. It is actually recommended that you take an easy 30 minute walk immediately after the treatment and you should take it easy for few days after the treatment, avoiding strenuous exercise. It is recommended that you wear compression stockings for three to six weeks after the treatment for the best results.


Recovery Following Treatment

Most patients have few, if any, side effects from sclerotherapy. Temporary effects can include slight swelling of the leg or thigh, minor bruising, redness, or mild regional tenderness. Bruising, if it occurs, usually disappears after a few weeks. Brownish staining in the skin overlying the treated veins may persist for several months particularly when large vessels are treated. These are not a cause for concern.


How well does it work?

Sclerotherapy is used to treat spider veins and small varicose veins that are not causing more serious problems. It is not a treatment for large incompetent veins causing skin ulcerations, pigmentation or leg edema. It allows for a quicker return to work and physical activities than surgery. Sclerotherapy can reduce the visible veins on the surface of the skin and can help with some symptoms of leg aching associated with the varicose veins.

A thorough consultation will be provided by Dr. Decker prior to treatment to allow for your questions and concerns.

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